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[scrubs] stillness

An Icontest for fans of the NBC show [Scrubs]

Scrubs Stillness
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This is a stillness/icontest community for the NBC medical comedy, Scrubs. All icon-makers and Scrubs fans are welcome here. There will be challenges posted hopefully once a week. Even if you do not make icons, please join so that you can vote for your favourites. Winners will be awarded banners if they so wish.
Each challenge compromises of a particular theme, with images to iconise provided.

You many use any brushes, textures, text or gradients you wish unless otherwise specified.
More specific instruction will be posted with each individual challenge.
you must sign up in order to take part, otherwise your icons will not be entered.

The use of bases made by other users is not permitted.

Each participant is allowed to enter up to 2 icons per challenge.

Icons must fit the LJ standards - 40KB and 100X100px.

Finally, do not post your icons anywhere else until the challenge is over. If you are found to be doing so, your entry will no longer count.

Do not get others to vote for you!
In order to participate in the challenges, you must first: JOIN and FRIEND the community.
Submissions and Voting
Include both the image of your icon and the URL, posted in the comment to the challenge you are responding to.
Even if you are not planning to participate in the challenges, don't forget to vote! Anonymous votes will not count. Do not vote for your own icon! Vote for two icons in order of preference.
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Any other icontest or scrubs communities out there want to be affiliates? Go and leave us a comment here!!
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